Saturday, June 23, 2012

Charltina's Fun and Free... Free is good!

Decisions made by designers to put out free items touch my heart to this day because I know there are countless new faces coming into this game we share called Second Life, people who don't quite know yet how they're going to play, participate and how they're going to dress while they learn.

Face Paint, Hair by Osmosis (I miss them!), Jewelry by 'To be too' and Shoes by Juicy 

The first I tried was the Gift of the Week, this Black Smexy (as she calls it) sweet little mini dress. A slim bodice hugs against the delicate curves of a woman's body and then ruffles fluff around the hips. Textured tights that remind me of leg warmers run from mid-thigh to ankle, and draw the eye to sweep then from head to toe. (wolf whistle) You're going to catch that roving eye and keep it!

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Jewelry by Morea Style and Shoes by Juicy

Not every designer attempts to work with men's things but Charltina's had a "Couples" gift with a set for both male and female, leather jacket and leather pants. Leather goes anywhere, but I can't help but imagine my sweetheart and I in this leather set, helmets on, motorcycle engine whirring as we zip across the countryside, taking in the sights and sounds and smells of glorious summer.

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