Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liv Glam Offers This Terrific Gift!

Polka dots often make me think of the painting "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jetta", a famous piece by Georges Seurat (later came the musical "Sunday in the Park With George."). The painting combines amazing dots of paint with excellent use of shadow and light.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Shoes by N-Core, Jewelry by Zuri Jewels

Like the famous painting, Liv Glam's newest release and gift offers points of color, all different polka dots across a black canvas.

Detailed perfectly, it's also similar to the painting with its use of light and shadow, and attention to small details.

Face Paint, Hair by W&Y, Nails by CandiNails, Boots by Bax Coen

The dress itself looks beautiful with any color hair and skin because of the basic black background. Then you receive two accessories that allow you to choose between seasons, summer or fall.

The faux fur bolero works perfectly for fall, so when you come by and get this gift, you're getting a new piece to add to your summer collection but you're ALSO getting one of your first fall items as well.

Whether you choose the summer or fall accessories, heels or suede boots, you're going to fit right into the concept of a beautiful Sunday in the Park, and while you're thinking of amazing art, you'll look amazing in your latest treat from Liv Glam.

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