Sunday, June 3, 2012

Morea Style - Coraline - Turquoise

He'd kept her waiting before, but tonight it was her turn to keep him waiting. There was no business meeting holding her company nor was there something with family or children making her focus elsewhere other than him. Tonight was special, and on such a night, special care was needed to look her very best.

Shimmering blue framed her pixie face, and then the same gorgeous waterfall color flowed around her slim waist and flared around hips far out away from her body. It was a gown she'd purchased just for this occasion, a special night for reminiscing.

Had it really been ten years since we'd met. The thoughts raced through her mind as she tugged on the long gloves and recollected that first night long ago, a night of dancing, a night of amazing beauty. And now you had reserved a table at a club with a ballroom and had suggested I nap through the afternoon so I had the energy to dance till the sun rose.

Finally, everything looked as perfect as they could be. A final touch to the bow in her hair and she turned with a flourish towards the foyer and where you waited. Perhaps just this once, you waiting was not a bad thing. Your eyes lit as I approached. You seemed to appreciate the stunning gown as you took my arm in yours and led us both out to the car...

Hair: Alice Project
Make-up: Face Paint
Shoes: R2

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