Thursday, June 7, 2012

Aqua Mineral - a Real Product not SL

I never thought I'd use this space to discuss reality, but after a recent experience in a shopping mall, off line, I had to leave a brief word here regarding Aqua Mineral. 

I have nails that crack and cuticles that tear to a point that at times my hands are painful and typing online hurts along with many other daily activities. I've tried several products for fingers and nails but nothing lived up to its marketing till now.

Aqua Minerals - natural products, like almond oil and seaweed, work together to heal the skin and strengthen the nail. And my hands are soft and without pain. If you have a chance, look up the product, found online around the world, and see if you can find a sample. You may see remarkable results as I have in only a few short days!

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