Sunday, June 10, 2012

Morea Style: Sun Rose 2

I had packed lightly, just a little sun frock with a special bandeau layer just below, to visit my best friend's house for the day.

We went down by the boardwalk and watched the shrimping boats coming in, late in the afternoon, and I knew that my cheeks and shoulders would be a tad bit pink from the sun. The dress had slim straps holding up a very tiny top. oh-la-la!

As I walked back, the sea breeze would catch the hem of the short little empire skirt and flap and tease the material. I could almost breathe the scent of roses coming from the flutter of fabric. After several incidents, I finally yielded to the wind and lifted the top to reveal the sultry suit below and tosses the loose dress over one shoulder. 

A few heads turned and I might have heard one wolf-whistle. I didn't turn around though. It was uncouth to whistle like that, momma always said, but it was even worse to show one liked the attention. Even... if one did! My friend reminded me that I had all the good clothes! I laughed.

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