Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Release from Snowpaws - Seraphin Amethyst Dress

Face Paint, Hair by Vanity Hair, Nails by Purple Moon

This morning I woke to find a new treat from Snowpaws released! I love it when designers add jewelry to their release. I don't have to imagine what would look perfect with their creations because it's already done for me. The Seraphin in Amethyst dress fits that category, well designed and accessorized too to make it easy for me and you - the customer.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Nails by Purple Moon

A sleek bodice that stops at the collar bone then has a slim strap to encircle the neck and an asymmetric skirt compose the basic structure of this gown.

Whether you wear it with the full length or the tea length skirt, a flutter of soft fabric flows around you as you walk or dance the nightt away in sumptuous beauty. One leg always peeks out, revealing skin to tempt those in your life who need such tempting! ~winks~

As I move in closer, to really study and appreciate the intricate details, amethyst roses at the neckline over the right shoulder and then more roses at the right hip blossom and add delicious depth.

Stop by Snowpaws today and add this lovely piece to your wardrobe. Don't forget to bring a friend. There are so many treats to entice, mega chances to get lucky with the boards and lucky chairs, free items and so much more!

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