Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boho Fair: The Look from 3 Perspectives

Tonight I'm reviewing three different designers and their distinctly specific perspective. All of the designers that participate in the Boho Culture Fair came to the event with the same basic theme but there are literally hundreds of interpretations.

F a s h i o n F e a r s offers a bandeau-like tube top and shorts with the print matching. Shorts are super cute with a denim edge. Two different cardigans may be worn over the tube top, both brilliant colors to shine when you take a walk down by the sea.

~Candy Metal~ provided a selection of skirts in two styles and multiple colors in the two styles and the middle look was complete from top to vest to bell bottom jeans with a distinctly 70s vibe print on the jeans. I found the extra long skirts suited to the tops that are included in the pants outfit, so with just a few pieces, you can create many looks, making your investment even more rewarding.

As I've committed to Emotions Hair to wear only their designs, I included the adds that were sent with the promotion for Hinako, and modeled the great oversized sweater. The hairstyle appears to be true to Hinako's usual youthful vibe and the innocent cozy sweater caters to that same theme with the words on back "Mon Amor" - best translated 'my friend.' You and your friends will enjoy the sweater and for those of you who look for that younger style, the hair from Hinako will work perfectly for you.

Candy Metal

Fashion Fears


My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Artistry by ~E~ (1)
Mustang Trading Post (2)
ALB Boots (1)
HS Tennis Shoes (2)
BlackLace Jeans (3)
Sexy Mama Nails

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