Thursday, September 13, 2012

Snowpaws New Release: The Hydrangea Dress

Many designs come from nature, from the animal and plant world and from the multi-faceted colors and hues we see all around us. This new release from Snowpaws - Hydrangea in Alabaster, Illuminate and Nocturnal - was inspired by the flowers still in bloom in the designer's back yard.

Flowers come to mind the moment you put on this dress. Flouncing tulle as a single side option or both sides sweeps elegantly from the hips and blossoms around you. The option of an ornament at the hip may be worn with or without the two different skirts, expanding the diversity of this gown even more so.

As you know, Snowpaws designer Carrie Snowpaw works hard at finding the perfect shades for each new look. Whether you pick the pale white and ivory, the pale pink and white accents or the darkest organza, you'll feel beautiful and you'll know a great deal of artistry went into creating your new purchase.

Hydrangea are amazing flowers. Depending on what care you provide these flowers, you will create different hues for them. The petals change color depending on the pH level in the soil. Hydrangea will bloom late in the summer and early fall in the right climates, and keep a garden fresh and bright long after other flowers have gone to sleep for the long winter. You can emulate that gorgeous floral bloom by getting your Hydrangea dress today, and depending on your taste, one or another of the colors, or maybe all three in a fat pack, will suit your 'pH' perfectly!

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