Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rockoil: A New Designer for Me - Several Fun Looks

After exploring Rockoil today, I found a designer I didn't know, a designer with a flair for the edgy and dramatic, and someone I knew would be fun to work with in our shared Second Life. I have several great items from Rockoil to share tonight and will be showcasing new items from there as they're released.

This first outfit is called "Killer" and comes with a layered effect trio of tops. Each are set on a different layer and could be worn as separates or all together as I have shown. the pants are cut really low at the waist and shows a whole lot of skin at the hips.

This pair of jeans has a hint of almost 'normal' till you give a little half turn. All eyes will be on you when people realize that the back half of the jeans is made from a black lace and not more black denim. You'll also notice that the waist is dropped in this pair of pants as well.

Two mini dresses are similar yet each unique in their own way.  They are called "Leash" dresses though I didn't see a physical leash in the set. Both are sleek and very short, and brilliant in color. A small set of pasties covers the breasts to make it nearly decent and wearable in any location in Second Life, but still very daring! 

A pants suit called "Live Forever" has a hard rock style to it. There are several tops offered, from the less risky to the most risque. The pants again have a very low waist and were it not for the magic of antigravitons in Second Life, I don't know how they'd stay on my hips, but oh how sexy they are.

And lastly, I paired a series of tops called "Sack" with a pair of holey jeans. There are four different texture/color options. The mesh wraps around the breasts, covering them decently yet allowing for decadence in the shape and style of the cover. I think this selection of outfits from Rockoil gives me a great understanding of the edgy fun that echoes through the store, and makes me wonder what's next. Oh la la!

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