Thursday, September 6, 2012

Luziefee: 55L Specials

A diverse trio of dresses come to you from Luziefee today for 55L Thursday. Two of the dresses are brand new releases and at this price, you know you're going to need to get one of each...

The floor length green gown, Alison Tearose,  makes you look sophisticated and the texture is fantastic. You'll love the necklace that's included in the box. Lyra Lightblue is one of the two new releases this week, also mesh, and cut just below the knee.  You receive a pair of bangles that match the texturing of the skirt. And then there is the Nelly Floral dress, also a new release, that tugs at the eye of everyone in the room as you arrive as it's been designed to show a lot of skin and do so elegantly.

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Candy Nails
N-Core Shoes
Artistry by ~E~ (2)

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