Saturday, September 29, 2012

Boho Fair: Skins from Three Different Designers

Today, I got to preview a parade of skins from different designers and saw something unique with each I tried.

Brat[inc] shares that this designer comes to Second Life for the first time as a content creator. New skins from the 'brat' line will be released in the near future and can be found at their new store -

The second skin designer offers the Alisa Shape as well as a new skin with multiple make-up options...

So lovely the options offered from Mystic Canvas will tempt you into visiting their main store location so you can find so much more -

The skin pack shared at the Boho Fair from Step In Side offers a skin and shape for both men and women, with special eye make-up for women and facial hair for the men in addition to the skin. Seen above, the shape on the far left and then the four skin tones tan, rosy pale, normal and dark.

Many thanks to:
Emotions Hair
Carrie's Lingerie (1 & 2)
Karmas Creations Swim Suit and Glasses (3)
Sexy Mama Nails

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