Friday, September 28, 2012

Boho Culture Fair: Stars Fashion, Firebird and Nya's Shop

 The Boho Culture Fair is Coming... October 15...

I'm so excited to be covering this fair. The diversity of participants in this event will be awesome which means that the array of goods you'll be able to find should be able to please even the choosiest of shoppers. Your favorite designers and some you've never heard of have joined in this and over the next month I will post a variety of items from the fair. The first three...

The maxi dress was a huge hit in the 70s and with the bohemian revival currently in progress in the fashion industry, all sorts of interpretations of this style dress have appeared. This one comes from Stars Fashion. It has a hemp texture to it with traditional autumnal colors. I paired this dress with a new autumn release from Artistry by ~E~ called the Emilia Set. Peeking below the skirt is a pair of suede maroon clogs that are also reminiscent of the 70s and accent this dress perfectly. Dress and shoes are part of the Boho Fair item.

This second look also has many pieces that work well together to communicate that laid back bohemian style. The large floppy hat is actually crocheted, not solid, so the pink you see in the photo is the background not the hat as a solid. The tank and jeans have matching prints and the sandals also included in this package have been colored perfectly to complete the look. You'll find a necklace that's also sold with this set from Nya's Shop at the Boho Fair.

Polyester perhaps? This print with the golden graphic print comes as mesh pants with a flair at the ankle reminiscent of the bell bottom without being overly large. I enjoy when a revival of a style like the bohemian/hippie style returns, but is always modernized along its journey. Demented Firebirds, the designer of these pants, have done a great job of blending the past with the present.

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Artistry by ~E~ (1)
Chop Zuey (2)
Sexy Mama Nails
Bliss Top (3)
R2 Shoes (3)

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