Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Liv-Glam's Secret Wednesday Offers

This week, they've been showing the tryout process for the 2012 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader squad and one of the new girls on the squad wore a cute little outfit for her solo dance that included "Hammer Time" pants. The low crotch style pants are super hot right now, and a distinct throwback to the 80s, my teen years. Hard to believe how quickly time flies! 

The first of two outfits showcased this week for Secret Wednesday has a pair of those pants in a terrific animal print. Paired with a mesh top and a great fur jacket, this deal is great and will make you look great. The second offering on sale this week is a wonderfully well textured Coco Channel Dress with horizontal stripes, thin black and grey then a thick white, then repeating all the way from shoulder to your calf. This sleek gown will make you feel and look elegant.

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