Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Is Your Passion?

This weekend, I caught the marathon version of this season's Top Chef. Like many reality television opportunities, this show offers something very special and important. One of the participants had to make a difficult decision near the end of the series because his wife went into labor while he was far away in Alaska competing and he chose his passion to create fine foods and the opportunities potentially his, should he win the competition rather than packing up and heading home. He missed his daughter's birth. Was it a good thing or bad thing? I don't know how to quantify such a choice. For him in that moment, he embraced his passion and he stood strong in his belief that his family supported him even in his absence for such a great moment.

The people I've met in Second Life show different levels of passion. To some I suppose it really is just a video game and that's great for them. To others, however, it's part of their life. Despite the fact that it occurs in virtual space, it still occurs and means a great deal. Those who share a passion for art or design or commerce or any other niche in Second Life sacrifice other things in their world to make their passion their reality.

The designer for Liv-Glam works tirelessly to create beautiful items daily. I think she eats, sleeps and breathes her passion into her Second Life business. It shows too. Cucinelli, the pretty little pink frock seen in the photo. While some designers bring out new items once every two weeks or so, Samantha of Liv-Glam brings out multiple items in a day or so.

I enjoy finding new designers as well and the boots from Joops look to be just the first of many items to come. Perhaps this will also be a new passion embraced by Magical, the name behind the new brand.  It always makes me smile to see new names appear, new items, and especially new ideas. It's so hard to find new things to try in Second Life, but with a bit of imagination and passion, many things could be achieved.

One of my favorite locations to snap photos sponsors a contest, planning to be monthly, with it's kick-off this month. These photos come from the Zen garden at Image Essentials. I've added a border to these shots but the raw shots are entered on Flickr, and I look forward to more challenges in the months to come. If you like photography or modeling or other artistic expression and want more information, contact Kay Weston or Ally Dwyer.

Featured Liv-Glam Cucinelli Dress
Featured Joops Black Golden Nailed Ankle Boots
1. Custom Shape
2. Mirror's Enigma: Megumi Frost Exclusive
3. Mirror's Enigma: Gray Eyes
4. Hinako Hair: Antonio Pink
5. Miamai: Catwalk Lashes Pink Explosion
6. Candy Nails: Marble Strawberry
7. Joops: Black Nailed Ankle Boots
8. Shear Tights by Caryn (me)
9. ~Shadow Moon~: Pink Polka Dot Bangle Beads
10. Focus Poses and Demise of Flight at Image Essentials Bamboo Garden

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