Friday, February 8, 2013

Liv-Glam, the K-Collection, Curiosity, Stella and ~Shadow Moon~

There are so many new things just pouring from the Liv-Glam collaborative efforts. Not only are there new releases from Liv-Glam, you find jewelry from Curiosity (FuLo) and a quirky fun casual array of new items from the K-Collection.

The Roulier Barbie all over print dress  put me in the mood to purr like this classic car's engine. Skin and more skin teases the eye with the sexy cut of this dress.

Basia earrings from Curiosity (FuLo) and dangled from my ears, artistically repeating the silver circle of the hubcaps.With the muted pinks and purples snugly hugging around my hips and echoed in my boots and jewelry, I felt ready to paint the town pink. I wonder if they'd notice!

Some of the most interesting heels came out this week from the Stella line at Liv-Glam They are color-change heels with a studded anklet that's almost two inches wide with fringe like one might find on a cowboy's suede jacket. Since the fringe is long enough to cover most of the foot, it offers the illusion of a boot. The K-Collection Gio Outfit blazes bold colors on the top and pairs with a simple classic cut trouser.

~Shadow Moon~ offered me a blogger package this week that contained elements meant for Valentine's Day. What amused me the most was the dark humor included. The table and chair with traditional hearts accentuate what I would normally associate with this holiday. However, the grey tree in the background, the Dead Tree, delivers the anti-Valentine. Several poses are built into the tree. I chose the gardening pose you see here and avoided the noose option. I have so many goals I have yet to accomplished. I'm not quite ready to cross the river Styx.

A sweet thanks to Kay Weston who owns Image Essentials. She helped adjust the props for the first set of photos so that my tall avi fit. It's a great sim with many prop and pose possibilities and great people to help.

Featured K-Collection Gio Outfit
Featured Stella XiuLan Heels
Featured ~Shadow Moon~ Valentine Chair and Table
Featured ~Shadow Moon~ Dead Heart, Valentine Tree
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. EMO-tions: Celie
5. Liv-Glam: Sculpted Lashes
6. Face Paint: The Raven
7. Quintessencia: Winter Fair Square I
8. Curiosity: Heirloom Necklace
9. Poses Built Into Items by ~Shadow Moon~

Featured Liv-Glam Roulier Barbie Allover Print Dress
Featured Liv-Glam's Curiosity Basia Earrings
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. EMO-tions: Gloria
5. Miamai: Catwalk Lashes Pink Explosion
6. Face Paint: Love and Care Sneak Peek
7. [SHOCK] Starshine Glitters Nails
8. Victoria Endsleigh: Powder Pink Silver and Pink Bangle
9. Lassitude & Ennui: Nostalgia
10. Image Essentials Props and Poses

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