Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snowpaws: News, Special Events Coming and Sales

An exciting new event marks the first year of the tiny little business of Petites with a festival at Petite's Kingdom that will run from February 1 through February 10. If you love all things petite or are curious about the petite craze, this event is a great one. Snowpaws has an exclusive outfit for 100L so scamper on over and enjoy!

Two special events are just around the corner and each will be equally exciting and Snowpaws adds to the excitement. 

The first is the return of the Relay for Life/Fashion for Life fair, hosted March 9 through March 17. It's a charity fundraiser. Read more about it here: Fashion for Life Fair 

The other special event is new, and being called .the event. If you visit their website here: The Event you can find more information. It will run March 29 through April 14.

And if all that isn't enough good news, the sales will perk you up all the more!

One of the 60L weekend sales items is this Margeurite Retro Frock - Chalk and...

For the petite lovers, the Petite Serenity Feather Tutu in Deep Magenta is also 60L this weekend.

Your Steals & Deals discount is on the Ariel Honey Paisley Babydoll Dress.

There's often a special 100L dress and for 2.3.2013, this dress - The Black and Ruby Dream Gown is that dress. But don't be discouraged if you miss it. There's always something right around the corner on sale to tempt you!

Visit the Designer Showcase and find the Maselan Rouge Gown on sale this month. It's a great opportunity to discover new designers and find super bargains. (Designer Showcase)

And if you visit Kastle Enchanted Petite Retreat you will find another specially priced Snowpaws treat - the Fiore Cherry Blossom bodysuit and flowers.

No matter what your passion for fashion is, at Snowpaws you will find something that fits you to a tee. Drop by the satellite locations to get exclusive designs and keep watch for more information regarding upcoming events.

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