Sunday, February 3, 2013

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This year may be the best yet in my Second Life. I began in 2005 as another version of Caryn and have seen it grow and evolve in so many ways. I love the history - Once upon a time bling jewelry was THE it thing to wear and if you could blind your neighbor, that was better still. Now? No way. I think the speed we live life online makes experiences curious. It's hard to perceive how much or little time has passed since... If you're on vacation and away for a few days, literally off line for 3 days, and you return, it feels like you've missed an eon. If you stay up all night typing or talking in voice, the newer faster and finger friendly way to connect, the night seems to pass as quick as lightning, and then ... gone.

EMO-tions Sunburst 2.3.2013 

 I'm so blessed to be working with an array of stellar designers. Mirja Mills creates new hair week after week, and does so in such a way that regardless how you live your life in Second Life, a new release will suit your needs often, from the calm and sweet to the vivacious and wild. This hair called Sunburst reminded me of flames all around my face and as a massive James Taylor fan, the song Fire and Rain came to mind. How apt is that song to this world in our shared Second Life. Some days are so incredible, and I feel like I'm on top of the world. Other days are challenging or sad.

I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain 2.13.2013 

 I had not yet unpacked this beautiful gown from Azul that a generous friend gave me at Christmas. It also reminded me of flames blazing, a world brilliant and crazy and wonderful. However, my January has been on of those months that JT sang about when he considered the rain. He was only 20 and he'd just lost a friend to suicide when he wrote Fire and Rain. I spent the month in fear of that big C word - Cancer. Biopsies. Medicine. Doctors. I would have preferred to be across the world playing hooky from my life, but I think the universe keeps us in balance with the fire an the rain, the light and the dark, and the ups and downs... If we did not have one, we would not understand the other. The biopsies came back - BENIGN. It was the light I needed after a long storm.

Azul, EMO-tions, and Chop Zuey 2.13.2013 

 I put this outfit together, celebrating the warmth of the sun and the warmth of friendships that burn brighter than any fire deep in our souls. I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen lonely days, but I've been blessed and found friends to carry me in the weak moments, and keep me warm. The jewelry fit in well to this theme today. Chop Zuey has several locations where there are exclusive items sold. Ms. Belle told me of October Bettencourt's Fashion Chamber and I visited today, happy to find the "Love Struck" set, hearts and white gold, reminding me in another way of how love works. It can be bold and blunt or quiet and calm, and from those who know us best, they often know what we need without ever speaking a word. I'm glad for those people in my world who remind me of all the brilliance in my world, both on and off line. It's priceless. 

Also seen in photo: Oceane's Rose Natural Honey Tan, Poetic Eyes - Autumn Moon, Gaeline Mesh Lashes - Divina, Noya - Red Ribbon Heels, Face Paint: Lip Pop and Sparkle Shadows, Poses by Focus Poses and Wet Cat, all photos taken on second floor of October Bettencourts Fashion Chamber

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