Monday, February 25, 2013

Chasing White Rabbits

When Jefferson Airplane wrote White Rabbit, they took a common story and twisted it into something artistic, edgy and bold. The lyrics warn - "And if you go chasing rabbits... And you know you're going to fall" (Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit. 1967)
I heard about a new sim with a fresh idea for photography in Second Life. It takes a lot to be artistic, edgy and bold in this highly saturated world of ideas, but when I visited Inside Art, I found such a place.

Each photo comes to life when you sit in it. As you see, in my case, I found myself in Wonderland, a tiny Alice, chasing the white rabbit in hopes of escaping such a radically new environment.
A collection of items were used to create this brilliant composition. From Gizza's fantastic BonBon top in Noir to the billowing skirt from a recent release at Morea Style called Savannah in Dark Pink, I echoed the excitement of the run I might feel should I ever find myself down the White Rabbit's hole. A simple hair base (EMO-tions) paired with Noir Roses, earrings from RYCA, a flair of Minsky's Sleeves and make-up from one of Face Paint's recent sets: The Night Look enhanced my overall look.

Each time I find a place like Inside Art or discover a beautiful top like Gizza's BonBon in Noir, I know that I want to chase the white rabbit down into the world of wonder, and find a way to make it fresh and new! It challenges me.

Inside Art Composition -
1. Custom Shape
2. EMO-tions Black Hairbase + Osmose Noir Roses
3. Mirror's Enigma: Naturellee Gray Eyes
4. Shiva: Riri 001
5. Gaeline: Mesh Lashes Fantasia
6. Face Paint: The Night Look
7. Liv-Glam/Stella: Adele Heels
8. Ora Trei Designs: Minsky's Sleeves
9. Gizza: BonBon Blouse Black
10. RYCA: Platinum Earrings
11. Something Wicked Corsets: Schadenfreude Noir
12. Morea Style: Savannah Dark Pink (Wide Flexi Skirt, Pants, Gloves)

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