Monday, March 7, 2016

Fashion For Life Waiting For You and Your Support - Featuring FFL Designer Feyline Fashions

Fashion For Life is in full swing! Feyline Fashions is just one of many amazing designers who have joined together in this annual push towards the goal of finding Cancer's cure. Fashion For Life in Second Life works together with #RelayForLife and the #AmericanCancerSociety to raise money for cancer research and finding the cure for cancer, a dream everyone everywhere can get behind. Be a part by shopping at this event. A portion of every purchase goes directly to this charity.
I used to love role-play for hours. I hate to say how many hours (meeps) but it was so much fun to immerse myself in the vivid imagination of peers, book creators, movie creators, whoever the founder of the idea was for said role-play environment, and then interact. It's been a decade now since I did so, but when I put on Feyline Fashions Joslyne Sunset, memories flooded back to me. I would have found such an outfit perfect for so many themes.

This outfit is one of several Feyline Fashions has at this year's Fashion For Life event. You can shop, enjoy the fun of the outfits, and support finding the cure for cancer all at one time. Fashion For Life works together with the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life in an annual charity event.

Featuring NEW Fashion For Life Items
From Feyline Fashions Joslyne Sunset

IKON Ascension Eyes Coffee
EMO-tions Connor
October's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily
October's 4Seasons Kinetic Coral Kiss Lips
October's 4Seasons Splendor Brown Diamonds Shadow
Wishbox Jingle Anklets
Image Essentials Studios and Pose Stores Wall To Wall Set

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