Monday, March 14, 2016

Sometimes I Wonder - Featuring Fashion For Life: Prism and Deluxe Body Factory, Featuring October's 4Seasons Skin Fair 2016, Featuring NEW Chop Zuey

I read this week that Justin Bieber wore a shirt that said, "Bigger Than Satan" on the back and I just had to wonder. Even if you're someone who doesn't believe in anything except self, wouldn't you consider wearing something like that to be stirring some sort of energy and isn't the potential that you're stirring not so great energy in your teapot?
I have a very open mind when it comes to faith. It's a very personal thing for me, so I respect your right to your personal choices too. Even those choices that make me wonder. His choice to wear such a shirt, well it's his right to express himself. I've always been the type of person that thought positive energy translates to encouraging others. I just don't know how someone could do that when they were deliberately poking at the darker energy of this world. I imagine there are a kajillion things I don't understand. That's just one of them. Hmmm...

In my own little way, my positive energy gets stirred every time I come here to share something. It may be 'only' a video game but in this video game, I've seen lives changed, hearts mended, and souls soaring. I've seen people with little self esteem able to spread their wings and fly. I've seen something as serious as the fight for the cure and the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life and the in world Fashion For Life crew sponsor an event year after year that raises real money, real awareness and makes a real difference. YOU can get involved in this special event right NOW. Visit the Fashion For Life event and donate, shop, share. I'm also always quick to support friends and friendship and in so much as I can hopefully make a small difference, I happily and proudly wear ONLY October's 4Seasons skins. The one I'm sporting for this set of photos is from Skin Fair 2016, Catalina in the Papavar tone. It's the Natural skin with Dark Brown brows. It's a perfect tapestry for makeup layers like the one I chose from the Fashion For Life event. And no outfit would be complete without great jewelry. I can always and ever find something new and fun at Chop Zuey like the Love Knot earrings. I'm just one little me in a world of people doing whatever they do. I hope that the little that I do makes a warm and wonderful difference in a life today. Pass it on!

Featuring NEW Fashion For Life Items
From Deluxe Body Factory [DBF] Hunny Bunny Makeup 2.1
From Prism Jasmine Coat Set by Jezzixa in Black White (Includes Boots non-Slink)
Featuring NEW Skin Fair 2016
From October's 4Seasons Catalina Papavar Skin Package Natura Dark Brown
Featuring NEW Chop Zuey Love Knot Earrings

IKON Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale
Analog Dog Tunnel Cake
Gaeline Mesh Lashes Felicia

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