Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daydreamin... Featuring New Face Paint, Wasabi Pills, Zanze and New Designer Kyxe Skins

This week I had the great pleasure of meeting a friend of a friend, someone who's new to creating skins and obviously has mad skills! I hope to bring you examples of this new store's variety as time passes, but this peek at the store's Group Gift might make you want to drop by and visit.

I adore some of the most darling, tender-hearted and clever designers and have the privilege of wearing their art, and feeling like a walking showstopper.  What a treat it is to add to that group of special people too! 

Whether it's new hair curled around my shoulders just right or a baby doll print on a dress hanging just low enough to be decent on a Summer walk in the park or a perch on a perfect swing, lolling around half dreaming of all things warm and wonderful.

Featured Face Paint Moonlight
Featured Wasabi Pills Lory Mesh Hair Chocolate
Featured Kyxe Skin - Group Gift - Lucy Summer Skin
Featured Zanze Bethany Babydoll Mango
1. Poetic Colors: Hot Mocca
2. Candy Nail: Resort Sunset
3. Uzuri: Bibi Cuff
4. ::Purple Moon:: Swan Jeweled Brows Goth
5. N-Core: Caprice Champagne

6. Poses built into swing prop