Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kickin Down the Cobblestones... Featuring Zanze

I'm a child of musically oriented parents, so I was exposed to any number of sounds and tastes when I was very young, with favorites like James Taylor and the Beatles being my mother and father's preferences immediately being my own. Another sound they loved was from Simon and Garfunkel, so I have lyrics of theirs in my head to this day.

When I put this composition together, the song "The 59th Street Bridge" came to mind. Not sure why really, as there don't appear to be cobblestones in my set. Maybe I was just kickin back and feelin groovy. Zanze offers a super selection of looks from the very classy and fancy evening wear to a chic casual like this. Shena, which comes with a partially transparent blue top so the daring could wear it and expose a lot, while a more conservative gal like me can use the bra included, and finally a trouser that's not denim completes the look. Monochromatic designs are all the rage this year and as we look towards fall, that's not supposed to change either.

Featured Zanze Shena Pants
Featured Zanze Shena Top and Bra
Featured Image Essentials Studio
1. EMO-tions Falling (mesh)
2. Poetic Colors: Quicksilver
3. WoW: Diva Lashes
4. Face Paint: The Pout
5. Sexy Mamas Valentine Manicure
6. :::Shiva::: Riria (fair exclusive)
7. Boho ~Candy Metal~: Michelle Fringe

8. Poses in Studio at Image Essentials

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