Monday, August 12, 2013

Leavin` On a Jet Plane... Featuring Evolve, {{BSD Design Studio}}, Hairoin and Dot-Be Fashion

I love the way BabyChampagne showcases her interests and investment in Second Life. I know how much work she puts into creating her own mesh and her shoes are divine. I also know that she's a builder and makes an array of items that you might know less about here. The trunks here reminded me of the year I went off to college and tomorrow my son heads off to grad school. Trunks make me think of trips, and magical journeys. Enjoy {{BSD Design Studio at the Black Fair}} and find your own adventure.

When I went in to work today at Evolve, I found this sign. It excited me as I'm still building my Evolve collection. I can't wear the same dress to work every day! With just a bit of Inspector Cluseau in me, I went through the first level of the store and found several items marked down, maybe more than 2. Just sayin. And I haven't even been upstairs yet. Many of Ms. Reign's new releases are up there, and who knows what she'll do with them as summer comes to an end.

A leopard never loses its spots. I think that means that internally, no matter how we Evolve, at our core, our personality remains the same through our life. I hope that in my evolution, the good parts grow and I slough off the not so good parts. This dress, with the unique keyhole at the chest reveals just the tops of each nipple, reminding me of Elizabethan court clothing. Sexy, enticing, and always beautiful. I really enjoy black and white without color both on and off line, so this dress Ink Spot at Evolve suits my tastes perfectly.

This week, I began working with a woman who's been creating hair for 7 years but I've never met her. I stumbled on her store and found it quite an eyeful. Everywhere I looked, there were fabulous designs, clever pieces of art, and a smattering of what we might define as everyday hair. This design was the first one that caught my eye. Though it's all hair, it's crafted in a way that looks like I'm wearing a hat. How clever, right? You will see into the world through her eyes as the weeks and months unfold. I see in her work everything from the Avant Garde to the Casual, with colors suited for runway and role-play. You'll have fun there!

Boniefacio went with an end of summer casual look for his August gift at Dot-Be Fashion. The tank is loose and shorts over longer pockets a great way to design cutoffs, very realistic. That's what mine always did during the summer! I put a pair of shades on, and found a spot under and umbrella. The beach was secluded. I could almost hear the ocean in my spirit.

Here is one more look at the Chapeau hair by Hairoin as well. You can see how it dresses up or down, to suit whatever mood you're creating with your favorite clothing. With the sun setting and the light just right, the hair looked perfectly textured to reflect that magic golden hue. My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Featuring Evolve Ink Spot
1. N-Core: Caresse
2. Chop Zuey: White Gold Circle Spike
3. Candy Nail: Enishi White
4. Hairoin: Chapeau Freaky
5. Face Paint: Black Liner + Violet Liner
6. Face Paint: Long Prim Lashes
7. Face Paint Lips #8
8. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue
9. Manifest Poses
10. Taken on site at Evolve - Don't miss the Summer Sale Event!

Featuring Hairoin Chapeau Freaky
Featuring Dot-Be Fashion August's Casual Look
1. [nn] Beaded Flat Sandals
2. Role Optic: Clara
3. [Mirror's Enigma]: Sapphire Tan Skintone
4. Face Paint: Drama Red
5. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue

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