Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You Never Know Who's Listening... -- Featuring Ms. Darcy and Luziefee

Social media has broadened my internet horizon a lot in these recent days. I'm one of those old people who don't try new things so quickly. I know there's use in each new fad that comes along, but I also get comfortable in what I do and how programs run (until they change it completely like Flickr recently did!!)...

Facebook then to me was just another MySpace, and I had one of those, though no one ever used it. I had it. It was 'cool' at the time I created the account, but eventually everything becomes uncool. I just wasn't as quick to hop on the Facebook wagon. Now I have, and I meet new people, people who have nothing to do with SL, by linking with friends friends friends. I even have people who type to me in letters from languages that are so unique I don't even know what they are!

When they take time to look at my blog, they see an array of topics, whatever happens to be in my heart on any given day, and stories related to SL, but they have no real reference point on which to start. But they stay and remain commentors, followers, and eventually friends. It's a unique thing to me. I often realize that I don't know who's reading me and in essence who's listening.

I've also realized recently that many groups I'm in have countless members who are primarily silent. Occasionally a topic arises and they speak up and share something and their voice makes a difference. I happened to comment on a gown the other day and I ended up showing you this gown today as a result of who was chatting, and who was listening. I like building my world on relationships and enjoying the fashion as I go. When I get old and grey (wait I am!!), I will still have priceless treasures in all the friendships I've made. Life can't get any better than that.

Featuring Ms. Darcy Dar's Dragon
1. EMO-tions: Sessie
2. Poetic Color: Oriental Pearl
3. Mirror's Enigma: Croix Light Skintone
4. Face Paint: Perfect Lip & Liner
5. Face Paint: French Manicure

Featuring Luziefee Shania Blue Day
Featuring Luziefee Leni Onyx
1. Poetic Color: Oriental Pearl
2. Amacci Hair: Celine
3. Mirror's Enigma: Sapphire Tan Skintone
4. !InPose

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  1. Great read with good points and I love the style <3