Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Miss Virtual World Audition 2014 (8.3.2013)

I have to share a special story with you regarding this outfit. I met a lady one night, Mrs. Amber Xofan *(amber.chaudry), when I had insomnia and she was looking for ideas for this past spring's Hollywood Event. The designers created outfits that were reflections back to movies and stars from Hollywood. We'd never met. I was on a completely different time zone than she, so it was random, and wonderful fun. I stayed up looking at Bond girls and getting to know this designer of [[Masoom]] that night.

Randomness brings our worlds into orbit with other's worlds, and then the universe makes things happen. It continues to be a wonderful relationship, business conversations and blogging, and when I IM'd her after I found I was fortunate enough to be auditioning, and asked her if she could recolor a gown she'd recently made, she said sure. What do you want it to look like. I had done my homework, to learn the current trends and what will be hot for fall. All the metallics are HUGE. I knew Gold would fit perfectly. The gown is graceful, a sheath dress that I would wear to the fanciest of parties, and just beamed with it's sparkle in my heart.

But there's still more to this story. Near the last moment, I was struggling to find the right walk to be natural in this gown. You couldn't stretch a sheath dress, so the feet had to be just write. I don't know Isoldel well but I know her by reputation and I sent her a distress IM - off line. When I woke up the next day, I had a walk in my inbox, something suited for the dress. I was again more than overwhelmed by support and friendship and people just being their wonderful selves.

Pressure can bring out the best or the worst in each of us. I like to think it brings out the best in me most of the time, but I'm also human. When it brought the best out in these women I know in our shared fashion profession, I was just grateful. I know why Isoldel has earned her positive reputation. I don't know if some of you know of [[Masoom]] and Mrs. Amber Xofan. If you haven't visited her store before, please do.

I had to wear Face Paint. It's part of my heart and soul. This look had a bit of pink a lot of metal, and was just the right tone for the India colored Glam Affair skin I chose. I had gotten this gorgeous little brooch from Vendome that I loved and thought it suited the outfit well. I used earrings from RYCA that were from a good friend last Christmas. On my wrist, I wore a bracelet by Finesmith. Each of the accenting pieces seemed to be fit for the look, elegant sophistication, ready to breathe life and energy into a party, and into her world.

My Miss Virtual World 2014 Audition Outfit 8.3.2013
[[Masoom]]: Helen in Gold
Poetic Colors: Oriental Pearl
*booN OPT129: Black
Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia
Face Paint: Helios
Noya: Golden Sculpted Nails
Glam Affair Skin: Amberly
Finesmith: Sura Bracelet
Vendome: Hair Brooch
RYCA: Gold Earrings
Taken on location where auditions were held


  1. Just beautiful, my Lovely. Just gorgeous! Brava <33

  2. Thank you sweet friend! I will go to the last 'audition' for this year, and give that one my all as well. But I'm also patient with my personal progress, and realistic. I enjoy the steps and the journey, not just the final goal. If not this year, then sometime in our future. <3