Wednesday, December 4, 2013

KL Couture and Kyxe Skins & Shapes plus CASHMERE&KEANE, IMaGE Factory, K-CODE, Pure Poison, {{BSD}}, and Rook Hold from J&A Expo

Another way to look at it... would have been the title of this blog except that there are so many new items and special things from my sponsors that I couldn't fit a title!

The items from this Jewelry and Accessory Expo are sooo diverse. Today I have on a beautiful wonderful and quite unusual hat, there are boots, a ring, and a knuckle ring too, and then there's my little friend!

The Kendra dress from KL Couture had such personality that it needed some spice to accessorize. With all these different accessories, I found just the spice I wanted.

I have a couple of pair of ankle boots but if you've followed my blog, you know how much I LOVE boots so when I saw these, I fell in love again again.

I found a striking pose that ended up with fur in my face and my paint and hood, and yet it felt like it spoke volumes wordlessly.

It's easy to daydream when styling. I see visions of all sorts of life, and worlds I'd never visit except in my imagination.

I continue to thank all the sponsors of the J&A Expo. It will open for shoppers 12.6.2013, very soon!!

One other detail to share... Kyxe Skins & Shapes opens a new location at the 4Seasons Mall on Saturday, and there will be a party, presents, and fun to be had by all. It will revolutionize the way you shop for skins and makeup (and even help you with shopping in your world off line!!).

Live! Laugh! Love!

CASHMERE&KEANE Caicko Knuckleduster from J&A Expo
IMaGE Factory Snowflake Bottle Necklace from J&A Expo
K-CODE MEGAN 1 from J&A Expo
Pure Poison Couture Umbrella Hat from J&A Expo
RookHold Crescent Mood Rin from J&A Expo
Also Featuring KL Couture Kendra Dress
Also Featuring Kyxe Skins & Shapes Blossom Skintone
1. Face Paint: Mime v3
2. MADesigns
- Eyelashes - Photoshoot
- Eyes Confidence - Placebo
3. Kyxe Skins & Shape: Apple Blossom with Gloss
4. Candy Nail: Rosey Black
5. Manifeste Poses
6. {{BSD Design Studio}}: Xmas Carol Singer - red

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