Friday, November 30, 2012

Customer Loyalty and Why I Choose Exclusive Brands

I continue to have people ask me along this journey why I would limit myself to certain brands. I understand that this is not something everyone does or something everyone should do. It's something that's important to me.

One of the things that makes a business successful is word of mouth. Having a customer talk about you product or service brings in new business more than anything else in all range of business from the small business to the mega empire.

Yesterday, I was styling a new dress and a friend asked, "Where did you get that?" I shared where, and later heard that she loved it so much, she got one. Word of mouth worked. 

In the world outside of SL, many businesses hire marketing managers who's only job focuses on customer loyalty. Statistics. Demographics. Seasons. Highs and Lows. If a car manufacturer gets you to buy a Camry each time you need a new car, this benefits the company in so many ways. 

Scientists have proven that if a human repeats the same action for 21 days, it becomes habit. Habit, when it comes to the business world, creates buzz. Buzz creates business. If someone stopped you at work every day and asked you, "Where did you get that..." and you answered Macy's every single time, eventually that information seeps into the work environment, and into other people's minds. You're helping to brand Macy's into others thought processes.

It's really no different in Second Life. If you're loyal to a brand, it becomes a habit that others notice, a thing that designers appreciate, and it creates a buzz which creates business; almost like a mirror image of the business world off line.

I wear Face Paint as a make-up exclusively so that every time anyone sees me, anywhere, doing anything, they can see the many quality products that come from Face Paint simply by crossing my path on any given day. I do the same for Emotions and their hair. I continue to look for a jewelry designer that will fill that niche, but I take time and enjoy the process.

I want to help 'brand' a store. I want to help create a habit of use and loyalty in others by setting the example myself. I want to show my support in a way that I think makes a difference.

As I said in my opening thoughts, this idea isn't something for everyone, and certainly not the only way to make a journey through Second Life. It's just the path I've chosen. Happy trails to you and your path. I look forward to mine crossing yours.

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