Thursday, November 1, 2012

RFyre: From CINQUE - Raven Series Formal

Tons of talent appeared at CINQUE this past weekend from an array of designers around the grid.

When I saw this amazing formal, something far outside the realm of what most people think of when they think of dressing for a formal event, I had to get it. And wearing it was even more fun than oggling it at CINQUE's big display. On the whole, I felt like I was part of Edgar Allen Poe's "Raven" and I should be floating about SL - nevermore. Except that would be false because this beautifully constructed gown is just the first of many items I know I will wear from RFyre. Evermore should be my cry. Evermore.

Featured: Raven Series Formal 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis 
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
4. Emotions: Taylor 
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Mysteria 
6. Face Paint: Panda Express Blue + Gem Eyes Green + Lip Pop 14 7. Noya: Sculpted Nails - Silver Music 
8. :VDI: Charcoal Pointed Heel 
9. (No Creator in world) Black Lace Stockings 
10. Artistry by ~E~: The Hope Set Earrings and Bracelet 
11. Avante Pose: Leah 3 + Monster 12

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