Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Couldn't Stop Caring - Featuring NEW Chop Zuey and [SWANK] DC Designs

I wouldn't want to be able to stop caring, no matter what. However, I do understand the emotion behind the song by The Spiritual Machines "Couldn't Stop Caring" because I have had some really dark moments in my life where people have just let me down, and let me down, and let me down again. It's hard. I think the song speaks to the emotion of watching someone who loves drugs, probably heroin, more than they love others and more than they love self. Heroin takes everything and then some from whoever gets hooked and leaves death in its wake. It might not be actual death, but ultimately it leads there, and in the meantime the shell of what was once a person little resembles the person who was once in the body.

I've battled up my own hills and faced my own addictions. Every moment, every single second, feels like it lasts forever and then the next second finally arrives and its harsh and demanding and intense all over again. It's very hard to see beyond the addiction, beyond the pain, the pills or the powder. It's hard to feel anything for anyone. It's just immensely hard.

If you know someone who struggles, whether its prescription medications that end up ten years down the road and the person like me doesn't know what or who or where or how life got to that point... or a person who's hooked on recreational (the worst name for most drug use) drugs and cannot find their way either, you're always going to be the stronger person. They cannot care. They cannot see. They cannot feel. You want to stop caring. You want to stop seeing. You want to stop feeling. Please take a deep breath and embrace hope and love and don't stop caring.

Now I'm on the other side of the darkness, and I feel so much, see so much, hear and know and taste and care so much. Sometimes its overwhelming. I know how desperately others need this love and hope because I KNOW how much I needed someone else to love and hope for me when I was incapable of it. The song speaks to someone who wishes they could stop caring, but cannot. I hope. I care. I love. I hope the same for you.
The stunning new release from Chop Zuey dangles from my ears, shimmers across my right shoulder and chest and twinkles round my right wrist. Lumineux offers a perfect accompaniment to almost any outfit. This is the international year of the light and Lumineux means "of light". Let you light shine brightly. The Valentine's Day Belted dress comes from DC Designs, yet another designer who created something special for this month's [SWANK] event. As [SWANK] wraps up February's round, it's not too late to drop by and get this dress and many other great items.

Featuring NEW Chop Zuey Lumineaux Set (Earrings, Brooch and Bracelet Shown)
Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]
Theme: 50 Shades of Red
DC Designs Valentine Day Belted Dress

Image Essentials Studios and Pose Stores Wall V2 Set
*~Damesfly~* Kalima
MG Eyelashes Inverted Crown
October's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily Skin Package February Makeover Room
:{MV}: Liberty Heels

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