Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fairy Don't Fly-i-yay

When everything around us is fantastical, why not embrace the fantasy for a little while. I think it's probably what brought us to the net in the first play. It's a place we can all escape, try new things, and fly.

Gizza from the Event
Isoldel Wings - Material Squirrel
Mirror's Enigma

If you haven't tried anything new lately, I encourage you to spread your wings. Visit a new club. Try a new designer. Meet people. Networking in any social media makes a difference.

Mirror's Enigma
Felicity Heels
Chop Zuey
Face Paint

Whether you just embrace the lack of physical laws, or take it to the nth degree, Second Life becomes whatever you want it to be. In any case, exercising the imagination improves life just like exercising the body. It's healthier than many may think.

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