Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Celebrating New Gifts and Talents -- Featuring Baboom Couture (Including New Items from WEIB Sale Room), Also Featuring October's 4Seasons 55L Thursday Debut

It's back to business as usual at my house after a 5 day weekend that culminated with Veteran's Day. I'm not sure what the lettering is exactly of the new family day status, but local bases have the privilege at the top I imagine, perhaps the CO/XO, to decide on a certain number of family days for those who are stationed stateside. It helps balance the many extra hours that are served while deployed, traveling, at schools, etc. and gives the family special time to share as a result. Often the Friday after Thanksgiving is declared one of these days. Other holidays that come randomly through the year might tack on an extra day or half day, and this year, since Veteran's Day was on a Tuesday, they were able to extend the weekend by an extra day by giving Monday off too. Usually, I'm about ready to growl by the time Mr. goes back to work, but this weekend was really great. I was sorry to see him go. Now we settle into the weird pace of the holidays, all the things that need attention, long distance family, and all that jazz. I feel better in November than I have in years. Today I do. So today I will embrace the day with all that I am and share a bit of all that I am with you, my extended family and friends whom I love with gentleness and passion.
I received a note from Kyra Camel, the designer at Baboom! that announced her first mesh creations were ready for sale at Baboom! and would I consider blogging a few items for her. I rejoice in the success of new things learned, how they influence the designer, their store, and our fashion world in turn. I told her I would cheer loudly and tell the world how I shared her joy and excitement for this big new hurdle to be jumped successfully and now I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. There are a selection of tops and skirts with different patterns. I chose one of the skirts, Original Mesh Flower Skirt Brown, to show off her newly learned talent. I pulled one of Snowpaws tops in to complete the basic outfit because I had to leave the back exposed. I've shown you one view of the special edition Giselle that comes out tomorrow for 55L Thursday, but you hadn't seen the back of this sensual skin, and thus you did not know that a henna tattoo was part of the skin. My shoes come also from Baboom Couture, Dolores for High SLink feet are at the WEIB special sale room this month and they accessorize the new mesh items at Baboom! very well.
It's a great way to begin the day, feeling alive, alert, and able to enjoy the very simple things and celebrate the complicated things. I TRIED to teach myself blender. I taught myself HTML and a few other computer tricks, can create actual house floor plans with CAD, and a church bulletin with software I cannot remember. When I'm curious about new things that come along, and mesh has been around a while now, I attack it with gusto, and don't believe that I might not be able to figure it out. I always start on the premise that I will learn it, given time. I just haven't learned mesh yet, and I admire those who have! I'd love to take a class on it, like at the local community college, but I won't hold my breath. When I have a 'feeling better' week or two, I have this inner voice telling me to take on the world. Me and my Despicable Me Minions could do it, take over the world, but today I think I'll just play with great designs, style, photograph and enjoy you and me and this world. I paused to read Mr. Frolic Juan Delgado's latest news regarding his new book and that too excited me. Even if you don't have a clue who he is, he's writing a book about his experience in Second Life fashion and modeling and all he's accomplished in the past years, as memoirs. I'm not sure how many virtual world memoirs have been published, or how many I would find interesting if they've been done before, but this is a man who's changed the world, and someone I respect. I'll keep you posted, and let you know the book's name and it's publisher, where to find it etc. as soon as he announces it.

Featuring October's 4Seasons 55L Thursday Special Edition Giselle in Cinnamon - New Skin Tone
Featuring Baboom! NEW Original Mesh Skirt Flower Brown Long 003
Featuring Baboom! Dolores SLink High Black from WEIB Special Sale Room
1. [AMARELO MANGA] Necklace Aurora [Onix]
2. Tres Beau Belled Earrings
3. Snowpaws Adele Halter Black
4. SLink Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
5. Maxi Gossamer Wild Full Thick Lashes
6. Analog Dog Joan
7. Muse Poses
8. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes

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