Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Looking For Drama -- Featuring /Wasabi Pills/, [dirty little secret], Entice from Designer Showcase and Ro' e Buni' from The Instruments

I nearly squealed out loud to the empty house today when I saw that season 10 of Grey's Anatomy was up on Netflix. There are only a few shows I've binge watched via that connection and I love it when I do. I can be so impatient waiting 25-28 weeks for each episode to air in it's normal time slot, break for holidays, take time off for the March Madness, or whatever. With this Netflix thing, I can gobble up good stuff at my pace, and I love Grey's. I was an avid fan of E.R. but only a few of the first years, and lost interest after a while. I watched House and again, lost interest in it as well. I have returned to watching it intermittently, again thanks to Netflix, but it doesn't have that same emotional tug to me, like Grey's.
After 1 1/2 episodes, however, I had to come back here, and read news, look at emails, check notices, and look for friends to connect with because this emulation of life that comes virtually into my world makes more sense than every emotional tug I ever felt watching a television simulation of life, by like a million jillion. Sometimes people talk about drama, a bad thing, something to avoid, and yet drama, that day to day stuff that makes us laugh or cry or feel some other emotion drives our world. Drama on television inspires us. Drama in our day to day life either feeds us or is a byproduct of human connection. Sometimes things irritate me, like idiots, sometimes things disappoint me, like liars, and sometimes things make me cry, like deception, but the only way to avoid those irritations would be to avoid people. I like the positive energy from connections that make me laugh, make me proud, make me feel something good, and I wouldn't trade any of that away for some mundane quiet world.
I love experiencing the wild romps of a television drama, and well written drama just makes me smile more. But here, in this shared universe, you're so much more interesting, dramatic, fun, crazy, and yes, those negative things too. It's why I do what I do. I have this little process, coming in to work on photos, styling, and other things, but every single time I come in, I'm also checking in with friends, offering hugs, making someone growl with frustration (yes, I'm sure I irritate others at times!). I put together this outfit, from head to toe chock full of new items, from /Wasabi Pills/ latest release Dominique, to Entice's items at Designer Showcase that include the awesome Clueless leggings and Don't Heels, to Roe' e Buni items from The Instruments. I even tapped into a resource I rarely use and found a [dirty little secret] bra in my box of fun. I embrace the work, but it's all just a really good opportunity to touch worlds, designers, other models, old friends, and so many others. I'm going to finish this episode of Grey's now and will see you all again really soon. I couldn't exist without you.

Featuring Entice Clueless Leggings Black Plaid from Designer Showcase
Featuring Entice Don't Heels Silver from Designer Showcase
Featuring Ro' e Buni' Giubby from The Instruments
Featuring [d.l.s.] b&w Polka Dot Bra
Featuring /Wasabi Pills/ Dominique
1. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
2. October's 4Seasons Lily Skin Tone Angelina
3. Nikita Double Density Lashes
4. -{ZOZ}- Black Queen - Silver Polish
5. FuLo Rhinestone Bangles
6. Rockoil Cult Nose/Ear Piercing
7. Venere

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