Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dancing In A New Month -- Featuring Lybra from Designer Showcase, Featuring Loordes of London from The Instruments

After dancing the first day of November into existence with a few friends and patrons of Lybra, hanging out with the designers, Lybra Rage and Natzuka, I had to write about the new gown from their amazing array of art they create. This Olympia gown may be bought at Designer Showcase and though it's almost pure white, with the feather boa for the shoulders, and sleeves that are long, you'll be able to wear this any season, for holiday celebrations, or just to hang out and dance a new month into existence.
The shoes peeking out from under the gown come from Loordes of London, and can be bought this month at The Instruments. You'll find these heels along with several other styles, plus other items as well, so a visit will be worth your time!
I have to make a quick comment about the Angelina series of skins from October's 4Seasons. These skins compete graphically with the best skins on the grid. Period. They offer every option you might seek, for attachments, appliers, and mesh. There are different brow shapes, and stunning makeup that October creates each time she makes a new skin tone. She's taking the 'Seasons' theme, that will help you choose the right skin AND the right outfits and hair and other elements of your avi, to a new level and making sure you know when you're wearing what season, and educating in a positive way in the process. The last thing I have to say, the skins that are not the traditional pale, cream and tan, the ones that exemplify a native heritage like Indian cultures from India and Indian cultures from the Americas, a beautiful array of dark skins that could be from the vastness that is Africa or the indigenous people of Australia, those skin tones are better than any other designer makes them in my opinion, and not because I get paid to say so or because she's a sisterfriend. It's simply truth. If you haven't tried an October's 4Seasons skin, you should. They hold up under any lighting, at low or ultra level graphics, and on any runway. They're also awesome for the everyday Second Life girl who's looking for the best on the market. Angelina Milk and Walnut are sold at The Couturier's Docks, just a little longer, and limited supply. If you visit the main store, you'll find a new group gift just set out last night, and new releases of Angelina, makeup, and more. I do adore October, or as I affectionately nicknamed her Ms. Oooo. I also admire her business acumen and her incredible talented artistry. You will too.

Featuring !Lybra! Olympia From Designer Showcase
Featuring Loordes of London Amherst Pumps Leather #4 From The Instruments 
1. ~ghee Fall Matte Manicure
2. SLink Elegant 1
-- SLink Female Feet High
3. October's 4Seasons Angelina Lily
4. Moondance Boutique Exclusive Oscar Diamond Jewelry Set
5. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
6. ~*Damesfly~* Kalima
7. Maxi Gossamer Lashes Groomed Medium
8. Del May Poses

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