Thursday, January 28, 2016

Positive Energy - The Force Is With You - Featuring Maroon 5 SUGAR - from VEVO

Maroon 5 Sings Sugar @ Weddings

Could you imagine this happening at your wedding? I watched this several times this morning when I came across it on my infinite list of song choices YouTube now provides if you click "Auto Play" option. I began with Pharell's Freedom and fourteen or fifteen songs later, I landed on Maroon 5's Sugar.

Adam Levine tells the audience that it is December 6, 2014 and he's going to drive across L.A. and hit every wedding he possibly can. Why? Because he's Adam Levine with Maroon 5, and he knows that if he visits these weddings, it will be snapshot moments of many others' lives, places and times where he can and does affect positive energy. 

The various weddings showcase surprise, joy, wonder, speechlessness, and so much more. When I watched, I had to start the video over several times to really see and feel every one of these moments, and thus, Maroon 5 also transformed my life and energy in a positive way, over a year after the video was filmed, and I'm sure it's still creating positive energy for anyone else who stumbles on to it, hopefully affecting some of you also!

This video reminds me that everyone has the ability to shift the energy in the world around us. It's a message that comes across to some degree in the Star Wars franchise, with -The Force- measured by which side you choose. I'm a firm believer in the energy we exude. If we're exuding positive energy, we have the ability to shift others' energy around us in a positive direction. By the same token, if we exude negative energy, then we affect others in an equally negative direction.

How many times have you begun a day feeling very positive about life, about your dreams, your goals, your achievements, then had one conversation with someone, at work or on Facebook, or some other where that holds value to you, OR even scarier, somewhere that doesn't hold value to you and you still let -The Force- of that person or conversation hold value in a way that sways your perspective. 

One minute you were feeling very up about the world and the next, very down. It happens more than we like to admit and we give people we barely know the power to influence our energy, the core of our emotions, the who and what we are. When I put it like that, I want to shake myself and say, "Don't do this!" and for a little while, I'm cognizant, avoiding pitfalls, avoiding the dark energy of -The Force- especially in situations where I'm not even emotionally invested.

Make the choice to absorb the positive energy. It can come from strangers or friends. If you participate in the vast world of virtual reality, virtual friends on virtual friends lists, Facebook or Second Life, choose wisely what you take in, because our minds really do vacillate easily between moods, positive or negative, and even in the most mundane moment, the most common shared this or that, a keystroke or a word makes all the difference. You could end up shining like a star or hiding under a rock, and the change could happen before you even know you're vulnerable.

We don't all have the star power that Adam Levine has, however, we do have the power and energy within us, -The Force-, to make a difference in a life or lives and with that power should come responsibility. I hope that you find a way or many ways to impact your world with the positive things that build others up and in turn elevate your mood. You'll be more useful to yourself, more adequately equipped to handle your day and in turn, you'll be more successful. It's a win-win-win as they say.

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