Thursday, January 7, 2016

Let It Snow - A Fantasy Adventure - Featuring NuNu's, JK Style, and Baubles By Phe

One of the things that relaxes me most - shopping in the virtual world of Second Life. A long time ago, I learned that both shopping for Barbie (my dressed up avatar) and styling Barbie could provide distraction and even more, create a small window of a world where I could run and jump and play, yet stay exactly where I was in the world. I've seen several great photos snapped recently in what looked like 'snowglobe' scenes and decided I'd enjoy that immensely.
I set out to create a snowglobe feeling, picking the Juliete Coat from JK Style as the basic center of the look. You can get the coat at JK this month free, and free is always good, as a Group Gift and as a gift from the SLF&O group. One coat is grey, shown in the photo, and the other free coat is a wonderful soft brown tint. Adding earmuffs and gloves, from Argrace and Oddity respectively, I was able to bundle up in my little snow world.
I know it's unlikely to wear sandals with straps in the dead of winter, but I have virtually unfreezable toes in this magical winterverse and the new heels from JK Style had a playful quality to them, also color change options, that I just felt beckoned me to wear them.

It's rare for me to go for fantasy skins but this month I accidentally discovered a place called NuNu's and got 5 different fantasy skins from there for free. This one is called Lumis Lumiere, casting a soft gold and silver tint to the overall look. The color scheme in the background at Let It Snow, on Isle Of Lionesse sim and the tints found in the skin looked like they came from the same artist's brush.

Pathos Slink Nails - Annael #2
NuNu's Lumis Lumiere Hiver w/Black Brows
Baubles By Phe Holiday Earrings
::JK Style:: Juliete Coat
[JKT] Stripped Heels Color Change
Gaeline Mesh Lashes Natura
Argrace Moonlight Earmuffs
Argrace Minato Pearl White
Oddity Gloves Basics
Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes

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