Saturday, January 9, 2016

From My Boudoir - Featuring October's 4Seasons, Lushish Catz, and Brii Underground

Something sexy.
Something fun.
Something from my boudoir.

I love the new Slink hourglass body. I actually like several of the mesh bodies that came to fruition while I was away last year. 11 months is a VERY long time in SL years. It ages more quickly than dogs do. I own three bodies but I've only used the Slink because it has the most applications for what was already in my inventory and what's being produced by the people out there doing the designs in the greatest quantity and quality that I've yet seen. I could be corrected and learn more and new tidbits tomorrow, however, so stay tuned. I could love Eve and Maitreya equally as well, and just not have a great deal of exposure to them yet. 

All in good time. Despite being gone a year, and feeling the need to catch up on so much all at once, I'm determined to stroll and enjoy the walk, to see and inhale and enjoy the details. Life is beautiful and meant to be savored one rose petal at a time. And believe it or not, I think we're meant to savor the dark moments as well because without them, we wouldn't know how glorious a sunset or a rose in bloom really is.

The skins at October's 4Seasons look yummy on the Slink body. This one came out last year, as part of the holidays, and oh la la, perfect for a bedroom steamy eyes sultry come and get me photo. Uh huh!

Lushish Catz sounds a little naughty, just saying the name of the store. Fun! The appliers work on the Omega, which opens the door for a lot of mesh body application, a separate application for Slink and another for TMP. No matter how you slice it, you end up dressed - or undressed in this case - to entice!

Brii Underground and Playfull Mesh have a HUGE warehouse of ideas and options and this designer must work days, nights, weekends and holidays to create as much as appears on a regular basis. "Til Death" earrings come from a complete outfit. Even if you shop an exclusive number of stores for your work in SL Fashion, knowing a few places to find accessories and tidbits that aren't in that circle of shops might be of value. Every little detail counts.

(I used a photo from The Frick House, Boudoir 1931.2, as part of my photo's backdrop)

October's 4Seasons Skin
Lushish Catz Applier Lingerie
Brii Underground Earrings
Catwa Hair
Mayfly Eyes
Eye Candi Lips
Gaeline Mesh Lashes
Slink Hourglass Body

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