Wednesday, January 6, 2016

After a Long Night - Featuring Analog Dog, Slink, October's 4Seasons and Venus Shoes

I took a new picture that I didn't hate. Onward and upward, heave ho!

Analog Dog has some awesome FREE balls on their beach. I went there last, maybe this time last year, and it was one free ball. Now there are like 6. Free is always good. This one is Val, in one of the dark red options.

My new favorite purchase - a mesh body - not so free but oh so fun, Slink Hourglass

October's 4Seasons January Group Gift Capricorn Perfection, well named because of course if it's by October (Keisha Xicotencatl ) it is perfection. 

Venus offers 6 pair of Slink compatible heels including this pale pink pair called Pamela

I dropped by Image Essentials to shoot the photo. Kay always makes it easy-er to take good snaps because she's got it all set up for me.

I had a very negative experience with the lingerie designer so for now, I'm leaving that information off of my news of the day. 

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