Friday, July 5, 2013

A Treasure to Meet You -- Featuring Evolve

A common courtesy type comment when you've met someone new and your conversation is about to end in my neck of the world... "It was a pleasure to meet you." And for the most part, you mean it on some level, but it's also just one of those polite phrases that leaves the two who were just in the conversation thinking positively as they walk away from one another.

I'm the world's worst 'anti' common thing to say person. I like to answer in ways no one else will when someone asks me how I am doing. "How are you feeling today?" "Sparkly with a touch of cotton candy." Is there any way to respond to that without a smile or a smirk or a little laugh? I find new places, new people and new things in Second Life treasures in my life. I need them many times more than I think they need me and I'm grateful that they have adopted me on some level.

 When I spoke to Spirit Llewellyn today about blogging for Evolve, I had known her already, but I hadn't seen her or talked to her much in the past year as our paths diverged. It was a treasure to 'remeet' her today, and I'm excited about working with Evolve. I look forward to showing you new items from their collection as I can, beginning with this first look.

This dress reminded me a bit of the one Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman, but with a more distinct separation between top and skirt. It's great to see how the lines of mesh make such a dress as this fit correctly against the body so you can move, twist, turn and dance the night away without odd parts poking out like some traditional system designed pieces used to do. For the month of July, this dress comes free as part of your group membership.

Featuring Evolve July Hippie Outfit (Group Gift)
1. EMO-tions: Sunburst
2. Poetic Colors: Autumn Colors
3. Face Paint: New Lip 12
4. Face Paint: Long Prim Lashes Black
5. Quintessecia: Nails 17
6. [:ME:]: Croix Light Skintone
7. Dotted Bangles
8. Ruby Diamond Earrings

9. Taken on location at Model's Workshop

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