Friday, June 28, 2013

How Could I Stay Away From the Beach... Featuring Shoenique, [elika], Poetic Colors and a Special Deal Skin from Al Vulo!

I've always been the fairly adventurous type and so I find myself in corners of Second Life that at first glance might seem odd or even dangerous. The more odd and dangerous, the more fun it can be, right?

One thing that does seem to appeal to almost any lifestyle and any group or gathering or club is the affection for pools or lakes or oceans. I have been very few places that did not capitalize on this and even though I had on copious amounts of clothing (compared to the others on this particular beach) I was able to kick back and enjoy my Friday afternoon.

This particular version of me has blonde hair and brand new green eyes thanks to [elika] and Poetic Colors. The eyes are the most recent 'free' color at Poetic Colors and the color really is gorgeous. Now I have 5 colors from them and I absolutely love all of them.

I've never blogged [Al Vulo!] skins either, and this skin was at one of those locations where a whole array of designers put out one or two pieces from their flagship store and usually at a really good price. 

I've also never blogged anything from Shoenique, and every time I've been there recently, I've gotten little deals on some cleverly designed shoes, as you would expect from a place called Shoenique but they also have some cute clothing and this pink top exhibits just one cute garment from their clothing line.

Featured Shoenique Relax Outfit Tied Top
Featured New Eyes from Poetic Colors Rain Tree
Featured [Al Vulo!] Aisha from The Dressing Room Fusion
Featured [elika] Interrupt
1. Sexy Mama Prim Nails
2. Gizza: Celsy Jeans Sunny
3. Vodka: Mesh Boots

4. Pose built into beach chair

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