Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Enjoy Mixing and Matching Pieces From Great Designers - Luziefee, Zanze, Shake-Up!, [LWL], Ingenue, LISP and Dot-Be Fashion

I waited this time till I had several different looks to share with you and blog. The combinations ended up unique and brilliant in color and style.

Featuring Luzifee Qubilah Boho Knit
Featuring Luzifee Fritzi Loafers (included in outfit)
1. Poetic Colors: Hot Mocca
2. Calico Ingmann: April Mocha
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
4. Face Paint: Moonlight
5. Sexy Mama Valentine Manicure
6. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis

7. Pose Built into Chair on Dock

I found the variety options with Luzifee's Qubilah runs the gamut of colors and themes. Two styles are not shown here, but I encourage you to pop in and see the options and choose one that suits you well.

Featuring Zanze Piper Dress
Featuring Shake-Up! Fabric Flower Ring
Featuring Ingenue: Delphine Lime
Featuring [LWL] Collars and Cuffs Red Trench
1. EMO-tions: Karen
2. Poetic Colors: Autumn Moon
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Mysteria
4. Face Paint: Monarch
5. Candy Nail: Tea Time
6. Rockberry Skin: Apple 5
7. Darlinged: XyrHeart Earrings
8. Manifeste Poses

Anchors away in this little tube dress created by Zanze with a shape that beckoned some other pieces. I imagine there are some who are far more brave than I who could wear the dress and expose their chest, and loved ones who would not argue that decision at all. I paired some pretty lime heels, the unique accessories of the collar and cuffs with a shirt I designed. The ring from Shake-Up! completed my compilation. I've never wore Ingenue, [LWL] or Shake-Up! before so it was fun finding new designs and new companies.

Featuring LISP Tea Pose (wear Tea Cup and pose)
Featuring Dot-B-Fashion Animalistic Hunt Top (Blue Tiger)
Featuring Luzifee Paka Skirt
1. EMO-tions: Cheyenne
2. Poetic Colors: autum Moon
3. Miamai Catwalk Lashes Pink
4. Face Paint Spring Gems 1 Under the Sea
5. Face Paint: Color Stroke
6. Baubles! by Phe: Square Diamond Bangle
7. Darling: Earrings
8. DADAbeiz: Black Half Ankle Boots

I took the skirt from another of Luzifee's new releases and a top from Dot-Be-Fashoin (a hunt item so you want to go and look for this great mesh top with the beautiful blue tiger on the front). The cup in my hand actually came with two cups that once worn posed me casually sipping something delicious. I'll include the photos from Luzifee so you can see the whole outfit Paka, the skirt with the rest.

Take a walk in my shoes, from the sea to shining sea. The various locations I chose for these photos were scattered around Second Life and each setting had its own aura and energy, each enticing for different reasons. 

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