Monday, June 24, 2013

Sex Sizzles at Carrie's Lingerie

There once was a girl who really enjoyed Second Life and all the possibilities seemed endless. In May of 2011, she applied to work as a store model for a really classy lingerie company then anxieties got the best of her. The store manager at the time was remarkable and warm, aware of my anxieties and made me feel at peace with my fears and told me to let her know when I thought I might want to interview. I continued to shop and happily so, for several months following that, at Carrie's Lingerie and get to know the place, the people, the basic process, and details I thought would eventually help me build my confidence to a point I might interview.

When I was hired in August, I embraced this new facet of my Second Life experience with a passion. I'd done other odd jobs along the way, but this was the closest thing I'd found to work that reminded me bygone years where I was healthy enough to work offline. The atmosphere was one of a Sorority of women (with a few handsome men to keep life spicy and interesting) run by a business savvy woman - Carrie Bridger. Had I never stepped into Carrie's that day in 2011, I would not have ended up 2 years later on a path that's a tangent to my current Second Life identity. 

This beautiful blue outfit came out this month for June's VIP members. It is a special color of the beloved Obsession designed for VIP members only, and it's even more breathtaking in person! Quality and Carrie's go hand in hand, and whether you visit for a Hunt and are successful in finding the treasure or spend the money, well worth it by far, on each month's Limited Edition, the tasteful and very sensual lingerie reminds me of the notion of "Top Shelf". She doesn't care if it's a hunt give-away or a one of a kind Limited, she puts the energy and beauty into every piece, making sure that ALL Carrie's Lingerie is 'Top Shelf.'

Since my time at Carrie's, I've explored many different businesses, many different things related to fashion, and I still reflect back on my experience at Carrie's as one step towards my overall goals and joy in what I do to this day. I've modeled a little bit of everything, but it all began with a shy girl who was uncertain she could do the job justice in 2011.

Featured Carrie's Lingerie VIP Gift June Obsession Blue
1. Poetic Colors: Quicksilver
2. [elika]: Breathe
3. Natural Beauty: Eyelashes
4. Face Paint: The Pout
5. Rockberry Skin: Apple 5
6. N@N@: Gold Heart Bangles
7. Chop Zuey: Blue Beads and Gold Clasp Necklace
8. Face Paint: Modern Drops Earrings

9. Bax Boots: Prestige White Leather 

*Thank you Naughty for buying my first pair of Bax Boots. To this day, they're some of the highest quality products I've found in SL.

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