Friday, February 8, 2013

Just a Moment in Time

Sometimes I do something completely random with my Second Life. I have the joy of belonging to a very diverse number of groups and the notices shared from those groups will pique my interest. Today, I visited briefly the Runway Cafe which is hosting Carnival in all it's historic beauty over the next three days. A veritable who's who in fashion were milling around, waiting for the first fashion show to celebrate this event.

Frolic leaned casually on a park bench while many others stood. I don't know if I've ever seen him without shades! To the right of his photo was Persia Bravin, the wonder genius who helps create the BOSL magazine every month. Below him, Serene Faith, one of the Miss Virtual World winners, waited patiently with passion for fashion. And to her right, Eowynn represented BOSL radio, looking stunning with a fetching lip piercing that caught my attention. The two women on either side in half frames caught my eye for different reasons. On the far left, a red headed beauty, Nayomi Gartner, one of this year's Miss Virtual World finalists, looked dressed to the nines. On the right, Viviane Drasilova had a simple gown on but still fit into the Carnival theme because she accessorized so imaginatively.

It's always been something I enjoyed, people watching, and in Second Life, no matter where you go or what function you attend, there are a vast number of people to watch, before an event ever gets underway. I was called away, off line, before the show began, but in that half hour I was there waiting, I enjoyed my time immensely.

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