Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's Your Price for Flight?

The challenge was to identify a specific animal then style an outfit that reminded the viewer of the animal in a way that was abstract. I was encouraged not to make use of animal skins (which are hugely popular right now so the temptation was incredible!!

The first time I created the look for this challenge, I went in a completely different direction. In so many ways, I needed to redo the challenge and in that editing process, I had the most fun discovering new designers and utilizing pieces from my past.

I found this imaginative dress by sYs. I've never owned anything created by them and I loved thee texture and the flitting bit of fantasy that the skirt imbued. I built the rest of the look around the skirt, and came up with this composition. I've had a number of people ask me, "Where did you get that dress?" It's not a dress. The first in store modeling job I took was modeling for Carrie's Lingerie. The top comes from Carrie's Sins Collection. It was a nod to the past, acknowledgement that every dream takes time, but eventually if you determine to make it, that dream WILL take flight.

At what cost? What's your price for flight? When you dream a little dream with me, do you realize that dreams take perseverance? I knew my passion to model would take time, but even I did not realize the time it would take. I didn't realize how much of my heart and soul would pour into this dream to make it reality. Like the beautiful blue macaw, I want to fly freely into the future. Will you come too? The cost is staggering. Egos get bruised. Spirits get broken. It takes time and patience and strength for a little bird to have the strength to fly. Come fly with me.

Featured - sYs: Ascella Skirt Blue
1. Custom Shape
2. LAQ Skin: Tasha
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. [ChicZafari]: Noir Rose
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
6. Candy Nail: Diva Blue
7. RYCA: Platinum Earrings
8. Liv-Glam/Stella: Janel Sandal Boots
9. Carrie's Lingerie: From 7 Sins Collection - Sloth - Corset
10. Reale: White Tights
11. Miamai and Avante Poses

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