Sunday, February 7, 2016

IIGHT, Dis Tots Adorbs - Featuring [SWANK] !IT!, *HH*, EDELFABRIK and MARBS

We live in an abbreviated world. Everything flies by at the speed of life and sometimes it feels like we have to grab what we can when we can just to survive. Sometimes, though, it's alright to pause, take a deep breath, go for a long walk in the woods or find a place you've never visited and explore it.
Did you know that long before Twitter or Snapchat, the origin of abbreviations like omg and l84 comes from txt messaging on cell phones. Phone plans began including SMS (short message service) as an option in the mid 1990s but every letter of the text cost a few cents and it wouldn't take long at all for texts to cost a bundle, so abbreviations helped save money and time, and the rest is history, as they say.
I love to explore Second Life, find places that are similar to places I'd love to play and visit in my world away from virtual places if I had an unlimited pocketbook and unlimited energy. Sometimes I end up in fantastical places that would never exist in reality, places that make me think of favorite books, favorite far away lands, and places that make me laugh or smile.

When I put together this look, I was surprised by how many pieces from the [SWANK] February event I could find that worked with a gray and blue color palette. Hawker's House has this terrific beanie (with several color hair options to wear) and the high top tennis shoes, both with a muted gray tone. The tied knot top and skirt comes from MARBS, a necklace and bangles pulled from the EDELFABRIK SuperStellar box (there are multiple items in the SuperStellar box including necklace, bangles, heels, stockings and a thong). And lastly the gems from Indulge Temptations Diva design round out the overall style.

Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]
Theme: 50 Shades Of Red
EDELFABRIK SuperStellar Necklace and Bangle (Bangles, Necklace, Heels Stockings and Thong included in SuperStellar set)
!IT! (Indulge Temptations) Diva Diamonds Belly Gems
*HH* (Hawkers House) Ladies Mesh Hightop Jamin' Sneakers Gray
*HH* (Hawkers House) Ladies Mesh Knit Beanies Heather
MARBS Marynol Knotted Dress

Gaeline Mesh Lashes Starlia
October's 4Seasons Glamour Ombre Ocean Lips
October's 4Seasons Innocence Subtle Purple Eyeshadow
October's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily Skin Package from February Makeover Room

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  1. Thanks for making this post, and yes, we should take time more often to enjoy what we like both in rl and SL.
    As for the Diva Diamonds they are a gift for this round, and located in a silver gift-bag in front of the booth.