Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rekt Chasing Cars - Featuring [SWANK]: [Wood Works] and *GLITTER*

I knew Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars song before today. I'd heard it played on Internet radio and in the car, inundated with it for a while, and it moved into that pocket of 'I really liked that song but it's old now and something else has come along' category. Then I watched the finale of Grey's Anatomy Season 11 on Netflix and heard the song played several times in the two hour program and I was rekt.
Characters from beloved books and programs become part of our world and when they feel something, if they're well written and well acted, they make us feel something. Music works magic as well, like a maestro accustomed to directing the feelings of those who hear. Couple a good character, a good story arc, a good season finale and music like Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and WoW! I had tears QQ for days. So moved was I by the music that I did one of those teen things, shut myself away in my room and listened to it over and over and over again on Youtube. WoW! QQ

I've found that different art in other parts of my world affect me deeply. I think that's the purpose of art, truly, and when I feel something, I remember it a lot longer than something that's just meh. It's one of many reasons I love embracing the vast variety of Second Life virtual design, virtual creation, virtual art, and then making my own with it, like the photo in blue I took of today's style from [SWANK]. The shelving comes from [Wood Works], Artistry Candle Sconce and Touch Of Red Decor. The Ocean Queen gown with layers that move constantly all around, unique depth of design with mesh bits along the bodice and waist, and a see through netting cloth comes from *GLITTER*. Serenity and delicate beauty ooze from the overall look, the art connecting to me emotionally. It may be the 50 Shades of Red theme, and there's a wee bit of red in my look, but today, it's all about the music and the emotion.

Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]
Theme: 50 Shades Of Red
[Wood Works] Touch of Red Decor Shelf
[Wood Works] Artistry Candle Sconce
*GLITTER* Ocean Queen Sea/Gold

Truth Hair Fernanda
Maxi Gossamer Mesh Lashes Inverted Crown
October's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily Skin Package for February Makeover Room
NOYA White Pearls Jewelry



  1. "Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music." —Michael Kors
    Nice Music!

  2. I enjoy your vision of Art and fashion !! Congrats!