Saturday, February 13, 2016

Is It Too Late (to say I'm sorry?) - [SWANK]: Purple Moon and {AnaMarkova}

It's that LOVE holiday. Expectation seems to loom large. Urgent rush to the Hallmark card section, the florist, even the jewelry store. (He went to Jared's) We're inundated with a message that love comes in a box and when packaged prettily, anything can happen. 

Justin Bieber has not one but two songs at the top of the US pop chart. In both songs, he's talking to women, or a girl in particular. He muses in his music, "Is it too late..." and he wants the girl, whoever she is, to give him a second chance.

I'm not a strong supporter of marketing ploy based holidays. I just don't think a calendar needs to tell me when to share my love or celebrate my sense of patriotism. I don't even care for religious holidays that mean to remind me of my faith. So stating that, I'm still aware of the overwhelming need to experience life with all the bells and whistles, to feel loved, not alone, and to be special to someone.

I hope that whoever enters my life and yours finds a human soul willing, even eager, to allow for love and all its beauty and all its wonder. I also hope that you and I have the ability to forgive, to give second chances, and to know that it's really never too late to say I'm sorry. A feeling evokes powerful energy. My heart's desire leans ever towards positive powerful energy to be shared effusively with everyone. If a holiday like Valentine's day helps to encourage that powerful exchange of positive energy, so be it. Embrace it. Give yourself and others a second chance, or a hundredth. It doesn't need to be too late.

50 Shades Of Red at [SWANK] might inspire you to look and feel your most positive self as you enjoy your Valentine. The Jade Leather Dress, in Pure tone, by {AnaMarkova} and the Cameron Hat by Purple Moon are just two examples of items you can find at this monthly event. Amazingly, over 80 designers created hundreds of things, and with those numbers, you know you can find something to inspire a beautiful holiday.

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  1. "Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they'd just walk around naked at all times." —Betsey Johnson
    NICE TUESDAY, Girlie!!!

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