Saturday, July 7, 2012

An Abundance of Fun and Flirty: :::blah.BLAH.blah:::

As they claim in their group information blurb, :::blah.BLAH.blah::: really does offer casually sexy and naughty designs!

Face Paint, Truth Hair and Boots by Ten

First up... Lilacs and Lace. Details in Second Life make an item pop and this corset and panty set do not disappoint! First the corset has a sexy sweet bodice that covers completely in front then laces up the back. There's a slim little bit of material at the throat to add a choker so you don't have to figure out what jewelry might match and on either sleeve, a bit of netting and gloves carry the theme of dark satin, pretty lilac lacing, and seduction sure to catch the eye!

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Jewelry by Morea Style, Boots by MWBoa

This sleek little dress barely covers the backside, and leaves just enough to the imagination that you're probably going to inspire someone near you to untie the lace that keeps the barely there barely there! Fresh floral print decorates and you'll feel like a sultry but sweet princessa in this frock!

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Jewelry by Bijoux

Who doesn't like soft white lace snugly covering, or almost covering in this case, the curves of a beautiful woman? This pretty little pair of pieces are sure to capture the attention of one or a whole room of admirers, depending on what you seek!

Face Paint, Hair by Majika, Shoes by Twiple Trouble

After just recently celebrating the US holiday, July 4th, these jeans suit my sense of patriotism perfectly. Between my own tour of duty long ago in the dinosaur age *US Navy, and friends and family all over the world also representing the USA, I truly appreciate this offering by blahBLAHblah. And to all of you, wherever you are, be blessed!

Face Paint, Hair by W&Y, Nails by Sexy Mama, Shorts by Street Flow

From a little bit serious to a lot bit naughty, I move from patriotic jeans to a wet dress shirt that doesn't cover a thing. Look at how the wrinkles and design make this shirt believably mussy. Did I get tossed into the pool or just hosed down at the neighborhood cooling off it's hot this summer party?

Face Paint, Hair by Majika and Babel (right/left), Nails by Sexy Mama

Lastly, if a see thru shirt isn't naughty enough for you, there's this little set of wraps that wrap around you and cover a little, or... well it looks like it might wrap around you but it covers nothing. Talk about a fun flirty piece of material. I had to look this way and that to figure out a way to take a snapshot decent enough to showcase this decadent last tease of a July release.

Thank you :::blah.BLAH.blah::: for the flirty, the fun, and the downright wicked. I know this will heat up my summer fun.

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