Friday, July 13, 2012

Thalia's Boots at One Voice

The news of the year in our virtual world affects many but likely only a small percent even know there is news. After hearing a friend held in high esteem was in trouble, a combination of many people all over the grid from  content creators and others in the fashion industry to peers who worried put together a fund raiser to help called One Voice.

Face Paint, Truth Hair, Carrie's Lingerie, G&K Jewelry

I saw designers' names I knew and many participants I'd never seen or tried or owned. Thalia's was one such place and on display at One Voice, I saw these gorgeous mesh boots with great detail and a color HUD. Dark color options come with this pair of boots, and since I got them, I've used the dark blue seen above as well as dark brown and dark green. For fall collections, especially, you will find many uses for these boots.

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