Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sascha's Offers July 4th Gown

When I saw the Purr USA dress out just in time for July 4th, I had to admire Sascha just a little bit more, if that was possible! I admire a designer who takes in a global awareness of her customer base and produces creative new items just in time for celebrations around the world.

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Jewelry by Finesmith, Shoes by N-Core

We can depend on Sascha to give a number of looks with each dress she creates, and with this perfect holiday USA dress, there are 6 different skirt choices, from this cute little mini seen above...

To this sleek tea length skirt that would suit almost any occasion...

To this grande skirt that fluffs and flutters in every direction, swirling around you with every step...

And there's more. Two different necklines are available. You can wear the ruffles over both shoulders or you can choose the single arm decor. Also you can choose between the red/white bodice, or the white/red bodice.

With all these choices, Sascha's gives so much all in one package deal just in time for the USA to celebrate Independence Day. Happy holidays, great family vacations, and fun to all! And thank you Sascha for supporting holidays and celebrations around the world from your little nook.

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