Monday, July 2, 2012

Kabuki Creations! Fun and New for July

I literally shouted yay when I looked at the new items coming for July at Kabuki creations! Why? I get to wrangle volunteers to help with the poses when there are pair poses, and that's always a fun thing for me! I'm a social butterfly after all.

Kabuki Creations: Somewhere I Belong

Sometimes all you need is a comfortable place to recline. No furniture needed. This first pair set available at Kabuki Creations will sit anywhere and when you're with someone special, this set will be all you need.

Kabuki Creations: Summer Sunbathing

Not always in private, you say? Well there are times when you might have just the use for this pair of chairs. Designed to resemble beach or pool chairs, you could set this on the water's edge, out by your favorite swimming hole or just put the pair of chairs out on your deck so you and a friend might soak up the fresh air.

Kabuki Creations: Summer Loving 

After a long day, you might really need a bit of relaxation. I've always found that it doesn't matter if you're the giver or recipient of a good massage, the very act of sharing it means something.

Kabuki Creations: Sweetness Pair Pose

Lay back, close your eyes, and curl up with a dear friend. This pose pair needs no furniture, once again. You can settle on your veranda mid-summer, go camping and enjoy the campfire, or roast chestnuts at the holidays. Whatever your pleasure, it's always more fun with someone to share.

Kabuki Creations: Single Sitter Sofa

Kabuki Creations also makes items for someone to use singularly. The two chairs have  great detail and low in prim value. You can edit the plain colored material any tint you like, and in this case, I chose a deep blue. It looks peaceful, as peaceful as the sunset I watched while sitting there.

Kabuki Creations: Sofa Sit Single

One more single or couple use piece of furniture comes out this month. This sofa has two separate sit options, one for a female, one for a male. Set it out in a living room or in a club somewhere that you want people to mingle. It's a G-rated pose pair, perfect truly for anywhere.

Special thanks to Face Paint (exclusively Face Paint!), elikatira hair, Bax boots, lingerie from Carrie's Lingerie, Jeans from Black Lace, and nails from CandiNails

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